About Plateauing

One of the easiest ways to overcome a plateau is to change your workout. That’s pretty straight forward. By adding variety to your workout, your break the routine that your body is used to and you will start to see progress again. This doesn’t have to be a dramatic full on revamp of your entire work out, but adding a few new moves or replacing some moves with others, will keep your muscles confused and keep them working. If you perform your workouts in steady sets and reps, then try switching over to interval training for some of them. Interval training consists of you working out really hard for a period of time, and then going less hard for a short time, and then back to going hard again. For a runner, this would be running as hard as you can for a good minute or two, and then jogging or walking for three to four minutes. The variation will shock your body back into making those gains you want.

But if interval training isn’t your thing, then switching the moves you are doing will be what you want to focus on. Constantly doing the same type of curl or squat or lift with the same weight may earn you some gains to begin with. But once you plateau, you are going to need to start kicking things up a notch. Start adding more weight tot your sets. Or start performing a different move that will work the same muscles that you are trying to focus on. The internet is full of plenty of resources on what moves work what muscles. Even switching from dumbbells to kettlebells (which I recommend) is another great way to break away from your comfort zone and start making progress toward your fitness goals.