Exercises for Toning Arms

The Biceps Curl

Here you’ll need a pair of dumbbells or other similar weights. Stand first while positioning your feet to face front and be shoulder-width apart. Hold dumbbells in your hands with palms facing forward. Then curl the dumbbells toward your chest while slightly bending your knees.

You can begin with just 10 reps for each set. In carrying out this exercise, you’re bound to firm up the front part of your arms.

The Lateral Raise

In doing lateral raises, you can address the fats in the front and back parts of your arms. At the same time, you’ll be able to exercise your pectorals and shoulders.

To start off, you ought to be in a standing position the same way as in the biceps curl while holding the dumbbells. However, your palms must be facing your body instead of facing front. Once you’re ready, begin to raise your arms to the sides while keeping them straight. Raise them up only until they are aligned with your shoulders, with your palms facing down. Make sure to relax your neck muscles as you perform this exercise.

The Triceps Stretch

Of course it’s also important to give attention to your triceps separately to achieve well-toned arms. This time, you need to lie down first on your back and lift your hands while holding the dumbbells. Put the dumbbells together as your palms face each other. Inhale and start bending your elbows toward the sides of your face as you lower the weights. Be sure to just move the forearms, with the elbows staying in the same spot all throughout. Now you have to exhale along with raising your hands back to the original position.