Fit At A Desk Job

Try taking short breaks and incorporate the following exercises in your routine:

  • Jumping jacks for one minute
  • Brisk running or marching for one minute
  • Jump rope for a minute without the actual rope
  • Pumping arms repeatedly for 30 seconds while sitting down and then doing the same for 30 seconds with your legs
  • Shadowboxing for a minute
  • Walk around the office as fast as you can for two minutes.
  • Always use stairs instead of lifts. For extra workout, try leaping two at a time.

These are some quick and easy exercises which get your heart pumping blood faster. They are really helpful in preventing back pains, headaches and monotony. They also boost up your productivity.

Additionally, you can also inculcate these in your day to day life:

  • Stash supply of healthy snacks in your office. It may sound counterintuitive but having quality food can keep you out of temptations of vending machine. Try to keep your snacks a mix of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Some of the recommended foods are almonds, dried fruits, Greek yogurt, whole grain crackers and vegetable hummus. These are all office friendly supplies and will help you in your weight watching.
  • Try to improve your inter office communication methods. Instead of sending texts or emails, walk to your colleagues’ cubicle for quick chats. Try to take all your calls while standing up. If you need to conduct an extended talk with your colleague, try inviting them to walk with you around the block. While these simple tricks will help in giving you few minutes of exercise, they will also help you build good office relationships.
  • Do not work at a stretch. Work in small bouts with breaks for exercise. Take a walk to bathroom, break room or walk to another floor, every once in a while. If you own a private office, try jumping jacks, half or full squats and push ups. Rotate your neck as well as arms in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions every 30 minutes. Also, do not forget to blink your eyes every five seconds to keep your eye balls moist and healthy. Short breaks increase focus and productivity.
  • Try to skip drinks containing excessive sugars.
  • If you workout at home, try rescheduling these immediately after or before your work. Head to gym early in the morning and change to your office clothes in the locker room. Pack a gym bag and keep it in your car so that you can hit those machines right after your work. This curbs the temptation to collapse on the couch and watch TV and you get sufficient time to tone your body.